Asakusa local food bar hopping tour 

​Time required

3 hours


Max 6 Guests


¥ 9,000


5:00 pm – 8:00 pm (Approx. 3 hours)
*Mainly (Mon. Tue. Thu. Fri. Sat.)


– 4:45 pm Meetup in front of the Asakusa Information Center

– Learn and taste the different types of Sake

– Walk around Asakusa during the evening time and feel the local atmosphere.

– Go to a local bar restaurant "Izakaya" and try the local food and drink.

– Head to a savory Okonomiyaki restaurant and taste the delicious food.

– 8:00 pm Finish and return to Asakusa station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line)


Join our Asakusa evening tour when there are fewer tourists and more locals coming out for the nightlife. Eat local foods and drink alcoholic beverages as you mingle with the locals. First, taste Sake and learn about Sake culture and the different types of Sake in Japan. Then, stroll around the beautiful area. Nighttime in Sensoji Temple is calm and peaceful rather than the busy daytime. The tour takes you to a Japanese Izakaya bar and a Monja-yaki or savory Japanese pancake called Okonomiyaki restaurant. Monja-yaki is a soul food for Tokyo locals! Let’s try local foods and join in the Japanese Kampai (“Cheers” in Japanese) party.


当游客减少,更多的当地人来夜生活时,加入我们的浅草夜游。与当地人交流时,请吃当地食物并喝含酒精的饮料。首先,品尝清酒,并了解清酒的文化和日本清酒的不同类型。然后,在美丽的地区漫步。浅草寺的夜晚平和而宁静,而不是忙碌的白天。这次旅行将带您到日本居酒屋酒吧和Monja烧或称为Okonomiyaki餐厅的美味日本煎饼。 Monja-yaki是东京当地人的灵魂食品!让我们尝试当地美食,参加日本Kampai(日语中的“干杯”)聚会。


관광객이 적고 밤문화를 즐기러 오는 현지인이 많을 때 아사쿠사 저녁 투어에 참여하세요. 현지인과 어울리면서 현지 음식을 먹고 알코올 음료를 마셔보세요. 먼저 술을 맛보고 일본의 술 문화와 다양한 종류의 술에 대해 배웁니다. 그런 다음 아름다운 지역을 산책하십시오. 센소지 절의 밤은 바쁜 낮보다는 차분하고 평화 롭습니다. 이 투어는 일본식 이자카야 바와 몬자야키 또는 오코노미 야키 레스토랑이라는 짭짤한 일본식 팬케이크로 안내합니다. 몬자야키는 도쿄 주민들을위한 소울 푸드입니다! 현지 음식을 맛보고 일본 깜 빠이 (일본어로 "건배") 파티에 참여합시다.


Asakusa Information Center / Asakusa Station (Metro)


9,000 yen


Approximately 8:00 PM


1. Japanese Sake Tasting (2 types of Japanese Sake)
2. Eat and drink at the street Izakaya bar (1 Drink and 2 - 3 Dishes)
3. Monja-yaki Restaurant (1 Drink and Tokyo Savory Okonomiyaki)

Please Note: 
・If you have any food restrictions or allergies, please tell us at least one day prior to the tour date.(Until 17:00JST) Otherwise, we cannot change the menu for you.
・The minimum drinking age is 20 years old in Japan.
 – (We will prepare alternative drinks for participants under the age.) 


・English Guide
・Food (Menu Above)


・Hotel Pick-up
・Infant meals
・Extra foods and drinks



・This is a group tour.

・We will leave at 5:00 pm sharp, so please make sure to be there on time!

・Please come with comfortable walking shoes as this tour has a lot of walking. 
・There could be a delay at when the tour ends, if you have an appointment or plan
   right after this tour, please let us know in advance. 

・Minimum number per group (2 people).
 – (There is a possibility of cancellation after confirmation if there are not enough
  guests to meet the requirement.)
 – (Guests will be informed 7 days before the tour. In the event of this occurring, you
  will be offered a full refund.)

【Pricing & Payment】

・All payments must be made in full before the tour.

・We define a participant over the age of 12 years old as an adult.
・Children between the ages of 4 – 12 years old are considered a child.
 – (A child's price is 70% of an adult's price)
・Children under 3 years old are free (w/o Food).

・If you would like to do a PRIVATE tour, please send an inquiry to us. 
 – (TOTAL PRICE= 15,000 JPY [Basic fee] + 10,500 JPY/person) 

【Chinese Speaking Guide】

・若你需要中文導覽的話,請在來信中告訴我們。 中文網站 
(If you would like to join the Chinese speaking guide tour, please note it in your inquiry.)